Thursday, 14 June 2007

Bingo Halls / Smoking, is it the end?

I've already spoke of my addiction to the new game at, which obviously doesn't require me to leave the house! But what of those thousands who haven't cottoned on to how good online play is and are still making the daily/weekly effort to see friends at their local hall, are they in danger of losing such a pin on the social calender in favour of having a cigi at home whilst blotting those numbers?!

I myself am a bit of social smoker I must admit, a couple of drinks and I fancy a fag! It won't bother me though due to the fact that I play online but I can obviously understand why some halls may lose a lot of custom as player will soon not be allowed to smoke whilst playing.

As silly as it may sound, bingo is just one of those things that can be much more enjoyable accompanied by some smoke in your lungs!!

Let's be honest though, in the end this must be a good idea. It can only mean those hall goers will get to play or longer as they'll hopefully be that little bit more

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Anonymous said...

I've played there! Brillint game, its being advertised everywhere so must be doing well.

I also agree, its for the best, I realise if you dont want to smoke then you dont have to go but also theres no harm in trying to better the nations health as a whole.

Its better for kids, I mean its not just pubs and clubs this id going to effect, nor only bingo halls! Not that I've ever been, seems we are part of a new bingo generation though I've sat my aunt down to play online and i must say, she thouroughly enjoyed it! Didnt win me anything though!! :)