Friday, 15 June 2007

Some News from The Price Is Right game I've been playing...

Check this out...!!!

The biggest ever Deal or No Deal Jackpot was won last night by Glasgow’s David E. The 29 year old is now £629,547 richer and understandably, seemed quite spaced out when Sabia spoke to him on the phone this morning.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet. I didn’t believe it when I won. I had to double check and when I told my parents, they thought I was joking. They thought I had won just £629!”

David works in the Navy and will be off on a patrol mission in the next few days. However, he seemed happy with the offer of a trip to London when he’s back home. We will be getting a photographer sent around with some champagne to get some snaps taken before he sails off, and will get some more quotes once it’s all sunk in.

“I told my wife but she didn’t believe me. I’ll wait until I have the cheque in my hands. I have no idea what I’ll spend the money on yet.”

In other news, another big Jackpot was won last night. Shiela P won £50,784 on Bingo Gold. She’s extremely grateful and in a state of disbelief. Her husband’s recently been made redundant and she’s still in a state of hysteria about her win. Sabia will ring her later as Shiela was crying too many tears of happiness to speak!

£600k on The Price Is Right!!! I can't try hard enough to convince you guys to play this, I won over £70 this weekend, not quite the same but still, its 70 quid!

They match your first deposit, I done te max, £100 and so had £200 to begin with, I still havent deposited anymore and am well up! I intend to get to £00 and withdraw some!

Theres a few good links on the price is right site now for fans out there. I read recently it is to return to our screens very soon, peak time as well! I can't wait!

I'll see if I can dig out that link. Theres quite a following of this game now, I've been speaking to a few people on forums and the like. We're thinking of arranging a meet!

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